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The Checklist:

Weather Planning
& Resources

Spare Parts &
Boat Outfit

& Equipment

Celestial Navigation
Vessel Conduct
Rules of the Road

Safety Equipment &
Vessel Paperwork

Trip Planning
Maneuvering, Anchoring
& Enroute Checks

Bar Entrances, Passes
& Narrows

Distances Reference
Mariner Math
Port Information
Panama Canal

Vessel Delivery
Selecting a Vessel
Selling Your Boat
Service Providers

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Choosing Trusted Service Providers

Selecting a Broker:
Expect your broker to be highly knowledgeable about the type of Boat you are considering. Your broker should be more interested in finding the right boat for you than just selling you a boat.

The brokerage office should be a member of the local yacht brokers association.

Your broker should hold a Certified Professional Yacht Brokers credential.

Selecting a Surveyor:
The seatrial/survey is the most important part of the buying process. It is your responsibility as the buyer to ensure that your surveyor does his or her job properly. Surveyors come in a wide variety of backgrounds and experience levels.

Brokers will classify them as tough or easy. The buyer wants a tough surveyor and the seller wants an easy one.

You want a surveyor who is experienced, thorough and honest.

Ensure that your surveyor:
  • Operates every breaker, switch and valve.
  • Turns on and “USES” every piece of equipment, appliance and system.
  • Takes his/her time to thoroughly inspect the vessel.
Take your time with the seatrial. Experience the boat and its operation as much as possible. The more time you spend on the boat the better feel you will get if it is right or wrong for you.

Selecting a Captain:
The quality of your boating experience is directly related to the quality of your captain. What is the cost of an incompetent or unprofessional captain? Personally, I have seen people get out of boating because of bad experiences.

For the broker who recommends and the owner who uses, finding a good captain is a good investment. The license and years of experience means nothing without sound, safe and prudent decision making.

Select only those who exhibit a healthy respect for the sea and her power.

Expect nothing less than sober, professional and responsible.

Captain’s Job Description:
  • The captain is ultimately responsible for all that happens on his vessel.
  • The captain represents the boat and owner and should conduct himself accordingly.
  • Coordinate all scheduling with respect to owners schedule and maintenance requirements.
  • Take responsibility for the safety of all persons onboard.
  • Properly plan and execute all boat movements with respect to weather, sea conditions, boat condition and schedule.
  • Safely operate and navigate the vessel at all times.
  • Hire, train and supervise crew.

Captains who share the same high standards of ethics, professionalism and safe decision making.

Victor Peterson Victor Peterson
Newport Beach. Fulltime Captain. Delivery. Project Management.
Debra Marks Debra Marks
San Diego. Vessel management, Instruction, Delivery.
Mike Fitzberald Mike Fitzgerald
Huntington Beach. Vessel Management. Instruction. Local delivery.
Chris Couch Chris Couch
Seattle. Vessel Management. Delivery. Project Management.

Clint Najara 619-997-5665
San Diego. Sailing/charter instructor. Delivery.
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