Compass Headings
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The Checklist:

Weather Planning
& Resources

Spare Parts &
Boat Outfit

& Equipment

Celestial Navigation
Vessel Conduct
Rules of the Road

Safety Equipment &
Vessel Paperwork

Trip Planning
Maneuvering, Anchoring
& Enroute Checks

Bar Entrances, Passes
& Narrows

Distances Reference
Mariner Math
Port Information
Panama Canal

Vessel Delivery
Selecting a Vessel
Selling Your Boat
Service Providers

Purchase Checklist

Trip Planning

Proper maintenance, planning, preparation and prudent decision making are the keys to your successful boating experience.

Ensure all maintenance and necessary repairs are completed and up to date.
Maintenance Checklist
Check safety equipment and required documentation.
Safety and Required Equipment Checklist
Review route to be taken. Make note of waypoints, aids to navigation and landmarks to be used.
Ensure route taken is in safe water.
Ensure safe water between waypoints.
Stay in marked channels.
Do not cut corners.

What will be your:
Time of departure
Time en route
Time of arrival
Fuel onboard
Fuel needed
What entrances, passes, narrows, channels will be transited and at what times?

Bar Entrance Crossing / Passes and Narrows
Look at Tides and Currents that may apply.
Call en route to destination marinas and fuel docks.
Data Base.

Look at Forecast Weather
Are forecast winds and seas within your safety limits.
Weather Resources

Ensure boat is ready and properly secured.
Port lights, hatches, loose items, etc.
Ensure each passenger is ready.
Proper clothing, ID, medication, etc.
Check current and forecast weather.
Make go no go decision. (The most important decision you will make)
Review your en route trip planning.
Start Genset.
Bring in all Shore Ties.
Start electronics.
Start engines. Test controls.
Determine onsite wind and current to Properly and safely depart dock.
Always think ahead. Plan ahead.

Call ahead and determine what Slip or dock you will be at.
Look at onsite wind and current. How will that affect your maneuvering.
Set up lines and fenders before entering the marina.
Remember: It is easier to back into the wind and current.

Enroute Safety and Mechanical Checks

All of the following are done on a routine basis:
Monitor vessel navigation.
Visual lookout for traffic and hazards.
Scan Engine Instruments.

Routine check of Engine Room:
Look, Listen, Smell.

Walk around interior and exterior.

Ask the Captain
The Checklist
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