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The Checklist:

Weather Planning
& Resources

Spare Parts &
Boat Outfit

& Equipment

Celestial Navigation
Vessel Conduct
Rules of the Road

Safety Equipment &
Vessel Paperwork

Trip Planning
Maneuvering, Anchoring
& Enroute Checks

Bar Entrances, Passes
& Narrows

Distances Reference
Mariner Math
Port Information
Panama Canal

Vessel Delivery
Selecting a Vessel
Selling Your Boat
Service Providers

Purchase Checklist

Vessel Delivery


The following estimates are based on the following Factors:
80 foot vessel, 10 kts, 2 gpm, 3.00/gal. Captain plus one Except captain plus two for Canal trips.

Estimates include crew, transportation, fuel, moorage, food. Maintenance, any associated fees. Customs, immigration canal, ect.

Estimates are on the high side to cover most contingencies.

Juneau to Seattle

Distance: 900 nm
Time enroute: Approx 10 days. Allow 2 weeks.
Estimated cost: 17,500.00

Seattle to Newport Beach, CA

Distance: 1250 nm
Time enroute: Approx 8 days. Allow 3 weeks.
Estimated cost: 14,600.00

Newport Beach to P.V. or Bara

Distance: 1100 to 1200
Time enroute: Approx 8 days. Allow 3 weeks.
Estimated cost: 14,600.0

San Diego to Fort Lauderdale

Distance: 4450 nm
Time enroute: Approx 35 days. Allow 2 months
Estimated cost: 70,000.00

Seattle to Fort Lauderdale

Distance: 5800 nm
Time enroute: Approx 6-7 weeks 2.5 months
Estimated cost: 85,000.00

Newport RI to Fort Lauderdale

Distance outside: 1250 nm
Distance inside: 1400 nm
Time enroute outside: Approx 10 days Allow 2 weeks
Time enroute inside: Approx 14 days Allow 3 weeks
Estimated cost outside: 15,000.00
Estimated cost inside: 19,000.00

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